Foreign Currency Exchange

Forexpat was designed in a way to deliver a seamless process which made it easy for clients who know the financial world and those who are considering making a transaction for the first time. Forexpat can provide the answer to a common issue: expats looking for a better, simple way to move money to and from their new home countries rather than through a bank. Foreign currency exchange has developed into a global money transfer platform that has exchanged over €8 billion. 

As a commercial currency specialist Forexpat will help you to get the best currency transfer rates when making or receiving overseas payments, regardless of whether you are a business or an individual. Forexpat has a wealth of knowledge within the financial sector armed with twenty years of  corporate banking experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide customers a real alternative to the big banks. We’ve grown exponentially and with a global team have become a market-leading,bank-beating, rapidly-growing, professional international payments company.


FOREXPAT offers the most comprehensive mix of knowledge, products, currencies and customised solutions of any corporate currency broker in the UK. Our Business Account gives you access to bank-beating foreign exchange rates and a range of business services to support more profitable international trade.


The exchange rate is one part of FX, the other is transaction fees. Many banks charge a percentage or an extortionate flat fee for making a foreign transfer. Forexpat can save you money here too.

If your business relies on a particularly fast turnaround, just let us know and we’ll do the rest.


Forexpat is a corporate foreign exchange specialist with a strategic focus on helping its clients control the impact currency volatility has on their businesses.

If you are confronted with the challenge of hedging your cash flow forecasts, our platform can formulate hedging programmes that confirm you can price competitively, maintain, mitigate and manage your currency risk.


Forexpat goes above and beyond the average currency specialist. We offer a suite of treasury management services to suit companies from small to large and complex requirements.

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Transfer your money overseas and make international payments quickly and securely with our bank-beating exchange rates. Your dedicated account manager will guide you every step of the way.

​Transferring currency abroad can be a hassle, especially when it’s part of the much more complex event like buying a house abroad. But with banks charging as much as 4%, it’s worth thinking about.

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Forexpat is a trading partner with an award winning london based foreign exchange specialist, our dedicated team knows you by name and treats you as an individual. We don’t just arrange your currency transaction, we understand your exact requirements and help you throughout the process.